Bitter Sweet Charity

It is very clear that the UK’s coalition government sees charities and voluntary sector has coming to the rescue in many problems but do they realise charities are now as they once were and that in reality they are profitable businesses in all but name.

I imagine most people assume everything who works in major charities are unpaid or take a modest wage, but the reality is far different. In most major charities, the salary of the chief executive is at least twice the salary of the Prime Minister and the combined salary of the top directors of a charity could exceed 1/2 millions pounds! This does not include their personal assistants and the rest of the staff in personnel, finance, marketing, property managing and even the post guy! This ofcourse the wages of all the staff who actually provide the actually services government and others pays them to delivery.

And then we have their claims? If the NSPCA help children, what is the purpose of social services? Why is Great Ormond Street a large charity when it is also a government funded NHS trust? How many wells does africa need?

It could be argued that charities central aim is to keep their staff in comfortable employment by using the media to highlight a real or not so real problem out of portion in order to keep the money running and keep the problem alive by spread more time promoting the problem as oppose to solving it.

I feel in adverts, charities have to display information about the percentage of each £1 goes to direct and indirect staffing costs. If the voluntary sector in reality is a new generation of enterprising community services, maybe they and the government should be more honest about it!

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