Big Society is a Big Mistake

One of the most worrying and destructive concepts to come from David Camaron and his Tory led coalition government is something called Big Society. 

Like John Major’s “Back to Basics” its about strengthing the powers of the Middle Class to control and abused their communities. This government has clearly put clear divides between those who will ‘enjoy life’, from those who are born to ‘suffer’ by working for the benefit of the rich, and from the ‘deserving poor’ who will be required to beg to the rich for their existant.

While I support the idea that neighbours should have a bigger say in their neighbourhoods, I believe the structure of local goverance should be democratic and that all local residents have a fair and equal opportunity to make a contribution to decide on local issues with police, health etc based on evidence, and to have money to commission local organisations to do agreed projects.

What is really happening is local middle class organisations are being allowed to proclaim themselves guardians of the community and then the council is forced to hand over whatever money they demand so they can run the cherry picked services however they want with no accountability so the rich residents benefits while everyone else a poorer service they cant complain about us others have stolen their voice.

To make matters more worrying is the Department of Health’s take of the Big Society is. They believe social care should be run by local charities and in the end poorly funded by donations, where they will have the right to bring the wants of their middle class condition into the front doors and homes of people requiring support. This could lead to a battle to manage the dependency of people who permit to exist as charities fight over what streets of ‘deserving burdens’ they own and more of the middle class will profit from the misery of others.

The really worrying thing is now the idea is there, to take the welfare state back 150 years, the new middle class dominated Labour Party may just let the idea carry on as equality, human rights and individual freedoms as eroded for the benefit of what will really be a ‘Small Elite Society’.

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