Raising Ambitions

People have always said that I am very determined but last week a friend reminded me that I was also very ambitious and that is what is unusual especially for someone who is considered ‘disabled’. I believe everyone has the right to have ambitions and a responsibility to try to achieve them as much as they can. 

However, despite my positive attitude and approach to life, I would argue many people, disabled or otherwise, have ‘issues’ with people who are ambitious. If you are confident is who you are and what you do, those who prefer to be negative claim you are selfish, self-centered or ego-centric and try to ‘bring you down’ a peg or two for making an effort.

I do not see nor understand the need to put anyone down for trying to achieve their aspirations, so long as it does not harming others. While many people claim to demand the right to exist, why is simply existing a goal worthy of attention?

I am happy with you I am and forgiving ourselves as well as loving who we are in a key part of good personal development and I must wonder how many people actually like themselves? This is the start block for genuine ambition which everyone can have, regardless of the difficulties they or others believe they have.

Society must raise the expectations, aspirations and desires of every citizen and this includes every disabled person who need to maybe stop seeing and moaning about what they do not have, and start embracing and using what they do have.

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