Energy Crisis

While most people are worrying about the Government’s cuts and the general recession, I fear that there is a much bigger  issue coming up from the rear, and that is the one of energy prices.

Ever since my Geography school lessons in the 1980s, I knew that coal, oil and gas were due to run out, well, just about now, and the one day we should be investing in green renewable energy. Well that day has been and gone and we are certainly not using the amount of renewable energy as we should be.

Therefore the simple economic equation of demand and supply which is we are having more demand for energy than energy companies can deliver, prices are going to increase. In the last few years we have seen them double and I fear this is just going to be the start.

Since energy is so basic to the running of the 21st century society, it is not simply a matter of allowing a declining market to disappear like CDs or petrol driven cars. Energy has been sold as a consumer product for 20 or so years but maybe the current rise of prices means this is no longer viable.

Is it time for energy to be nationalised or even internationalised, where countries work together to utilise the renewable resources the planet has to offer? Is it time to ration energy or treat energy in a new way as a scarce resource?

I fear what many may just see as annoying price rises could in fact be start of an earth-shattering change in the way we live.

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