The Freedom of an Electric Wheelchair

I think I always knew that I would be needing an electric wheelchair at some point in my life and that time has come. I have had a manual wheelchair all my life for long distances and in recent years, for not so long distances. 

In theory, the fact I have a personal assistant with me most of the time meant I did not need an electric wheelchair. The reality is that I am a heavy and big man, and therefore I was choosing to restrict my mobility to prevent my staff from becoming too tired, and more importantly, having any unnecessary back strain!

Since I live upstairs without a lift, the main issue I had to resolve in getting a chair was a was where to store and change the chair. It took 2 years to arrange, but I manage to have a cupboard built downstairs for this purpose. I would therefore very excited when I could order the chair using funding from Jobcentre Plus’ Access to Work scheme.

I have now had the chair for a few weeks now and it has been amazing and how much freedom I have. I am able to get the buses into the city and whizz all around town in a way I could never do, even when I could walk well. Since the chair can not fit into my motability car, I have handed it back so I can better use my mobility allowance for transport I can use.

I am really enjoying using public transport and being out in the open air, regardless of the weather, as I have plenty of waterproofs! I am very much looking forward to going out more and being as adventurous as I was 20 years ago.

The benefits of an electric wheelchair can not be underestimated and I will keep you posted on my direct experiences of using one.

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