The Ripple Effect

I think one of the most amazing things about the internet is it is possible to interact with people from all over the world, in places you may even have not heard of. It is also possible for one person of have an idea with captures the interest of others and causing a ripple effect that spreads the globe, making an impact on others in ways could also not be previously dreamt about.

The success of Wheelies is a perfect example of the ripple effect in action. Launched just 5 years ago, the club is a simple secondlife club which I just set up for my own benefit in the same way 1000s of people set up a blog, to have fun and maybe a make difference. But while many secondlife clubs and blogs have their fan base, but not so widely known about, Wheelies was difficult.

Since opening, the club must have impacted 10000s people around the world in a huge number of countries. In just searching “wheelies secondlife” on google, the results keep coming in terms of blog articles, news articles and even mentioned in academic journals. I know at least 5 books that mention Wheelies!

And the interest still never stops, I receive requests for interviews from students, magazines and even television on a monthly basis. It is an idea which has still not stopped rippling out. And what is next? I have no idea and that is what so exciting about it!

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