Why do I Blog?

Many regular readers may notice that I have started blogging most week days, I give myself the weekends off! People may wonder why do I blog? And I would respond by saying that there are a few reasons.

The first is clearly because I can and that is a wonderful gift of the internet brings us. Anyone who wants an opportunity to tell the world what they think, now can and I have certainly making the most of the it. I am always full of ideas and this is a great way of expressing them!

The second reason is that this is a way of keeping my mind sharp. It could be seen as the mental equivalent of a gym, ensuring I keep myself fit and fighting for my other work activities. 

And a final reason is that it is fun. If I did not enjoy doing it then there would not be any point doing it. It is always great when I get some positive feedback, and even some negative ones.

So blogging is here to stay as a part of my everyday life.

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