The Changing Way We Shop

I remember in my late teens and early 20s, spending most of my time shopping. Without internet shopping, it is a matter of spending hours searching the shops for that specific item you wanted, or waiting for it to be ordered in. 

If I could not get what I wanted I have the pain staking exercise of buying relevant magazines to find companies to ring to order catalogues to wait for, then to contact again to order the item, often by cheque. With a speech impairment and writing difficulty, this is no mean feat.

Food shopping was also a huge exercise which often took a few hours and was exhausting for both myself and my staff. I tried to do it as little as often to save time and energy!

But now it has all changed with the internet and internet shopping. I have been able to find and order any item I fancy, and the exact items, from ebay and many other places for years, putting me in the driving seat as I can find the best deal for me!

And in the last year or so, I have also embraced food shopping online which took a while to understand and appreciate, this means I am much more in control of what I buy, what I spend and when it is delivered!

So the way I shop has changed and therefore I guess the way many people’s has and who knows how we will shop in 10 or 20 years times?

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