Empowering Society

Society is the wide collective of laws, policies, procedures, attitudes and behaviours that are involved in the way we interact with each other as human beings and often as citizens of a nation state. It is something which has involved and which will always involved further. We all have a small say in that direction it will take.

I would like to argue that when it comes to the welfare state and disabled people, that there is a culture of dependency which as now been reinforced by increased awareness of rights into an entitlements agenda that feeds off dependency. By this, I mean that many disabled people see benefits and services as their entitlement regardless of their need to it. This means they also do not understand or accept the responsibility that should come with rights. 

By only understanding rights, I argue that people are disempowered, especially when they depend on charities and others to defend their rights. Empowerment is as much about taking responsibility as much as it is about understanding and using out rights.

I strongly feel that we can no longer afford financially and morally a dependency culture and that we need to be empowering every citizen to make their contribution to society. For more information, please click the link below;


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