London is my joint most favourite city along with Budapest, and over the years I am visited the city far too many times to reminder, for both work and leisure. I have been very fortunately to visit and been invited to places in London which that are not on the average tourist map.

This has included the insides of both Number 10 and Number 11 Downing Street as well as the Houses for Parliament for a variety of receptions. I am however still waiting to see the inside of Buckingham Palace but that is just a matter of time. While I have no ambition to be a member of parliament, I do working with government and I am building a name for myself within the Department of Health.

London is a city that does take a lifetime to explore and with the Olympics next year, it is the place to be at the moment. I love public transport and London is getting more accessible year by year, which is exciting to watch happen and become a user of.

I have considered living in London but since it only takes a hour of the train to get there from Coventry, I realised I was better off where I am, and I am settled. But I am London is always going to remain a part of my life in one way or another.

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