Graduates must seek employment

The employment potential, often called employability, for many disabled people has radically improved over the last 30 years with the computer, internet and many other technologies. This has equally applied to further and higher education, which is now practically more accessible than ever before.

I would therefore like to argue that if someone who was is disabled before commercing an university degree has successfully completed it and they have not experienced any new conditions, can only but be deemed employable and therefore have a responsibility to seek employment with the appropriate support.

Why would you want to do a degree if it was not going to improve your employment opportunities? How can someone who has successfully completed a degree, with an existing impairment, then claim they are unable to work? It may take years to find a job and people may need additional personal support or equipment to do the job, but it should be A for effort.

All graduates are rewarded with an opportunity to make a bigger difference to society from the quality of the education they receive, and so they have a responsibility to make the most of it, including disabled graduates.

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