A responsibility agenda

Many readers will know that I am a big fan of responsibility as the next step of the true and meaningful inclusion of disabled people as enabled and empowered active citizens. I argue control is not born out of a rights agenda but rather a responsibility one.

It frustrates me organisations who claim to represent disabled people are still fighting for rights 15 years after the Disability Discrimination Act became law rather than supporting disabled people to use the potential powers they already have in the hands. These organisation claim to work in the social model but actually depend on the medical/tragedy/charity model for their existence as human rights and hate crime are used as the modern tools of pity.

If anyone has a specific problem, the only person they can ever truly rely upon to solve it for them is themselves. While it is very easy to shout foul and blame others,  it does not solve the issue. It is better to take responsibility and just solve the problem and this includes knowing when you need to ask for some help.

Being responsible should be so easy but it has been made so complex as charities have used human rights to steal responsibilities from individuals. We are however facing an economic situation when everyone must be permitted to play their part however large or small.

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