Do we need still the BBC?

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As a child the BBC was the voice of the nation to the nation. The TV License was not ideal but it gave us a window to the outside world in an era where media choice was minimal. It gave us quality entertainment, news and informative documentaries as well as much more.

But times have changed and we are now enriched and empowered with a wealth of media in many forms and in way inconceivable when I was a child. The role of the BBC in this new multimedia environment has shrunk in terms of a proportion and now in real shrinks as the organisation slowly slim downs.

It must be asked why should I be paying a compulsory tax to solely fund an organisation which is no longer a big player in the media world. I look at the audiences that the organisation is aiming at with its now safe mainstream and probably middle class programming and I question why it is considered public service broadcasting, is endless talents shows and antic shows really a matter of public interest?

I believe the TV License monies should be held in a fund where all broadcasters may bid for specific contracts like national and local news services, national sporting events, royal events, parliamentry events, developing a whole range of new talents, trying new media experiments and so on. I believe this may that every penny spent is in the public’s interest.

Public service broadcasting may still be needed but it certainly also needs to be modernised.

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