Understanding Disability

For people who know very little about disability, it is probably seen as a very straightforward issue. It can be seen as just about people in wheelchairs and their rights, a simple and minority issue. My experience as someone with cerebral palsy for 37 years and someone works in the field for over 20 years is that disability is far from simple.

I would argue that in fact disability is a huge bundle of issues that is all mixed together to form one of the most complex things there can be. Because it is about people and issues where there is little agree on the simplest of questions, it is something which still challenges many people on many levels.

The basic questions like what is disability and who is actually disabled are extremely complex to answer and it has taken me many years to get my hard about this. And this is the basis of my 25 training modules which make up my Understand Disability collection.

The full details of the modules are not yet on the website but they will be soon. If before then, you are interesting in knowing more how I can help your organisation be more aware, please do contact me.

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