A blog a day

I met a regular reader of my blog at a meeting last week who exclaimed to me that “you send me an article every day!” and while, I gave myself the weekends off, I do indeed try to send a blog a day. It is not always possible to do one every single day as I am unsure or simply too busy away from the office, and the next few weeks are going to be busy!

With the way I manage my tasks, which has been radically and recently updated, I decide the topic of a blog a week in advance as I have 5 articles ‘on the go’. While I can change the topic immediate before writing it, I find having it in my mind a few days lets me consider the broader issues, rather than doing something too immediate and possible.

It is my intention to keep this daily blog up until I am no longer fit to do so, which could be in over 50 years time! That could be over 12500 individual articles, which is certainly a little bit of writing! I think it is important to have a free space to describe things in the way I see them, for the benefit of myself and others. So a blog a day remains the way to go!

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