Return of Darwin?

It is clear to me as well as many people that the world economic has changed for good. As we absorb the change, it looks terrible but by the value of social interaction over materialism will help us come through this, that is however another story. This blog is about the potential rise of social Darwinism.

Social Darwinism is a concept that was fashionable a century ago and is the basis of the eugenics agenda. At that time, disability was not so much of an issue because of the general poor level of health services available, so it was about race as a biological issue. While I certainly do not imagine debates around the inferiority of different races, the issue of eliminating disability could be back on the agenda.

While disabled people have enjoyed increased public acceptance over the last 10 years or so, where the eugenics agenda had not had a place in social policy, I fear this could change. The reason for this is the “rights without responsibilities” I have often mentioned, that is being peddled by charities, could seriously background.

While the charities would like us to believe disabled people are mostly vulnerable and helpless creatures who are needy of their costly assistance, the evidence is that disabled people have more opportunities to make a contribution to society than ever before. We all need a break at times and for my access needs to be met but if disabled people do not start to take more responsibility and use the opportunities provided to them, society will start to wonder if disabled people have a place where resources are diminishing?

The sad part of all this is ‘modern’ eugenic solutions do not eliminate the ‘work shy’ so to speak but people with long term conditions, who actually do want to work if given a change. While none of this is right nor fair, it is a reality of where we could be and just one argument to review how we see disabled people’s role in society as contributing citizens.

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