A is for…

A is for advocacy, which is an important range of services which supports disabled people and others in understand situations and make appropriate decisions. While advocacy is not as widely talked about as it was 10 years or so, it still as an important place in ensuring service users, especially those with learning difficulties, in having as control in the services they receive.

I have provided advocacy to many people in many ways over the years, and it is something I am able to provide through the Enable and One brands. The main difficulties with advocacy is finding the funding to pay professional advocates to support individuals, who very often do not have the fund it themselves.

I would argue that it is the role of a good advocate to be honest with the people they are working with and supporting them to take responsibility for by actions, often by explaining to them the consequences of specific actions in a way they can understand so they can make decisions for themselves.

For more information on what I do on advocacy, please visit;

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