B is for…

B is for Being Myself, probably one of the most important skills I have developed and everyone should be able to be able to do. It is however far harder than it looks and it takes great courage to be honest to who we really are.

From books I have run and my own thinking, I have understand that we all have a story or journey to fulfil and that we do have a ‘choice’ in whether to carry it out or not. Clearly, if we choose not to fulfil our story, we may not always be truly happy as we are not being truthful about ourselves.

I fully believe that everyone’s journey is equally important however society and others may perceive it difficulties. This means that David Beckham’s journey is important to that of a lifelong taxi driver since without these taxi drivers, many ‘important’ people would not get to their events.

I feel that rather than people being support to discover their true self, people are often pressured to conform to how others wish them to be and therefore it is a wonderful gift to be able to be myself!

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