C is for… Change

C is for Change, and Change is a ongoing journey is the never ending goal for things to be better. In this past and still for many people now, change is regarded as an one-off move to a better place that will mean they will not need to change again. This meant they did not keep monies aside to enable them to grow further.

I would argue success for individuals and organisation comes from an ability to embrace change and keeping an eye of cutting edge technology, ideas and trends. In the big sea of opportunities, it is often better to be nibble like a windsurfing rather than solid as an oil tankers, especially when the general pace of change had increased.

My role as a consultant is often to guide people through change, especially in disability and social care issues. It is not so much about being the navigator but rather the radar, providing a map of where everyone else is so organisations can plan their route.

If you are interested in knowing how I can help your organisation with Change, you can visit;


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