E is for … Enable and Empower

E is for Enable and Empower, 2 terms that are very important to how I describe what I do and what I encourage others to do. Enablement and Empowerment are the tools to provide people with fishing rods, as opposed to fishes, and to teach them to use the rods for the most impact.

I feel many organisations see themselves as farms as opposed to factories. This means as a farm they may feel it is the role to nurture the people they represent throughout their journey, often over many years, and like a parent, the interdependent relationship means they find it hard to let go. It also means in a limited resource environment, they also can often only support a small number of people at one time and so their impact can be small.

By becoming an factory, the rule of an organisation moves to     having the ability to support a larger number of people by having clear programmes that enables and empowers people to manage their journey with no or limited ongoing support in a manner that feels right in these changing times.

I would argue to enable and empower people is key to creating and supporting responsible citizens.

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