F is for … Fun

F is for fun, and in the world of disability issues, this is often something that is forgotten or not considered, but it could be argued life is not living if it does not contain some fun. I also believe some fun is necessary for good mental wellbeing, if a right brain left brain balance.

It has not always been busy but I have always tried to ensure there is enough fun in my life especially when I am working hard. This is one reason I am going on holiday to Lanzarote in a few weeks, to have a week of relaxing sunshine to balance the cold and depressing winter months.

My recently new electric wheelchair has helped greatly with my work, like in London, and it has made “walking” fun again in Coventry, London and anywhere else as it makes me feel alive. It has been a great way to combine work with fun, which is about having your cake and eating it, because why have cake you can not eat?

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