L is for … Love

L is for Love and I certainly Love my life. It has not always been easy but I am certainly made of the most of the opportunities provided to me and that is what I love about it the most.

When I was in my early 20s, I listened to a lot of personal development tapes and when of the first things we recommended is to learn to love yourself. I was also tough on myself and my own worst critic because of the high expectations I had for myself. This was a way I had of coping with the low expectations others had of me as someone with a significant/severe impairment. 

It therefore took me a few years to properly learn to love myself for who I was and therefore be in a better position to love others. I do whether how many people truly love themselves as the unique individuals we are? We are talk love in its broadness sense and not vanity, although people often mistake confidence in ones own identity as arrogance,

Love is a key component to being positive and I think being positive is important to overcome any difficulties we confront.

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