M is for … More

M is for More and I always wanted more from life. For as long as I can remember I had high expectations and saw myself equal to my non-disabled peers. Going to university and getting involved with the opportunities offered to me was always natural to me. 

I was always aiming high and wanting to change the world and make a big difference. And so because I was determined to put more in, I can honestly say I have got more out, and that the way it should be. I however realise and understand 2 things.

Firstly, I do have a level of determination and commitment, along with intelligence, which is not entirely unique but certainly expectational. While I am clear a role model and an inspiration for others, disabled or not, as a by product of who I am, I can not expect others to be as ‘active’ as myself. However, after 20 years of being told I am ahead of my time, I believe I should be seeing more active disabled people with significant impairments. Maybe there is but I don’t see it.

I have secondly realise, we still live in a world where many disabled people are not provided the opportunity to shine to their full potential and we need to raise expectations in the services that support disabled people. This will still take a long time especially as disabled people themselves need to take responsibility and let go of the idea they must settle for less and not more!

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