O is for Outrageous

O is for Outrageous and I was asked by a friend to share a link with you about how psychoanalysts in France see Autism. 


This is a very well made and informative documentary which I shall not explain in detail as the ideas it highlights do not warrant additional attention. It is however about psychoanalysts talk total nonsense and make the most outrageous implications from nothing.

It is not my first dealings with these poor very sick creatures as I spent a week with 40 of their students when I did my MA in Disability Studies. While looking back it was awful, at the time I could not stop laughing as they over-analysed everything I did as I seemed to personally give each one a nervous breakdown simply because I was disabled and confident!

It is indeed outrageous that its the early 2010s, we still have modern day witch doctors who ‘grow fat’ by imposing the sexual hang ups and total madness of others, especially in an area which has been proven biological and not psychological.

I do have my own concerns about autism but this relates more generally to how mild impairments of all kinds appear to now be taken out of context and treated as ‘disability’ in the social sense as a human rights issues when its ignores the relevant impacts, but that is another story.

If you want to see mad people in your own habitat, the so-called doctors I mean, this is worth a watch.

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