Q is for… Questions

Q is for Questions and I always had a policy since I was quite age to answer any question someone asks me, however person it may be. I always known as someone who is very different of the mainstream, many people will have questions on how I live, exist and feel. If I do not answer them myself and take control of how I am portrayed, they will make their own assumptions based on myth rather than fact.

I am not saying I always give the answer people may expect and I hate being stereotyped by leading questions that are designed to make the asker feel they are in control of the situation. An example of this is that I am often asked that because I employ personal assistants, do I choose what I do every day? They ask as if my personal assistants set of parameters I live in and have choice about, eg I can do what I want so long as it is what they allow me to do. I often reply that I live in the real world and that I have as much choice as anyone else with the responsibilities that go along with it!

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