X, Y and Z is for…

Since this is the last official blog of the year, although I may blog while I am on holiday, and we have reached the end of this alphabetic series of blogs, I have combined X, Y and Z into one. 

X is for eXtra special and my life feels like it is currently full of a lot of lots of extra special experiences, friends and moments. Things do not have to be expensive to be extra special but simply be exactly what I need and want, like my ipad and my excellent support staff.

Y is for year, this one and next one, and this one has been my best year so far as I have achieved a level of stability I have always dreamt about as I starting to find time for myself in a way I have not had for 10 years. Next year I hope to grow this further in a way where by becoming still stronger in my confidence, I am able to assist and support others more to fulfiling their dreams.

Z is for zzz and after an extremely hard working year, it is time to rest and have a good holiday, and this is why I am going to Lanzarote for a week!

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