Kum-bah-yah Attitude

One thing that concerns me about the personalisation agenda and the professionals who purport to have an interest in is development, its the Kum-Bah-Yah attitude to the realities which are scaring them in the face. By this I mean some people assume everything about personalisation is great and that there is no room for criticism and people should pretend everything is fine and ignore the fact that personalisation in social care is not delivering what it promised.

Personalisation has helped many people but not enough. It has certainly not empowered people beyond the policy of direct payments and in many cases it has assisted the carers movement to use personal budgets to ‘manage their families’ without outside interference.

RAS, the ideological resource allocation system has ended up being a disaster and a waste of time, effort and money as the government have forced councils to implement a failed policy of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

The only thing which will stop the collapse of any ideologically sound social care system at this time is honesty about the current system, not sticking heads in sands and I call upon my professional peers to take note.

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