Predicting Technology

I have been using computers for over 30 years ago and I am not sure I could have predicted how technology would grow and development. Often it is not the technology advantages with shapes their development and the way people respond to them. Things like automatic doors and video phones have been in existence for a long term but they have not been taken up on mass as people would have predicted, especially in futuristic films.

I believe the technology can drive major social changes which in terms drives new technology. Every year now sees a new significant device like the internet, mobile phones and recently tablets which appears to capture the world’s imagination from nowhere. No one needs an iPad a few years ago  but how many people would be prepared to hand theirs back for the monies they paid for them?

Predicting the future is so hard and I would not even like to start. It is however one of the few things we have to look forward to.

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