Legalising Murder?

Once again the campaign to legalise “assisted suicide” for ‘terminal ill patients’ gets a step closer to your goal as a commission on the issue gives a thumbs up. For disabled people, this means that their legalised murder by their families and ‘carers’ becomes more possible as any new laws will most likely be bent and twists by doctors and families to make ‘quality of life’ decisions that will result in the acceptable murder of disabled people, as well as added pressure on individuals who can consent to jump ship.

Please do not misunderstand me, I do not believe families fully understand the decisions they make and society’s dislike of disability allows a belief they are doing the right thing as clearly no one wants to be disabled, or so the myth does. Any suicide is a permanent solution to be temporary problem which is environmentally, disabled or not, and it should never be assumed it is natural for disabled people to want to die, as their choice may often relate to poor care or the low expectation of others.

Bottom line is unless someone is in chronic pain and properly dying, and needs to be helped, suicide is a cowardly and selfish act which should never be allowed to be acceptable as some middle class desire for forgiveness.

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