Good to Hate?

It seems very fashionable to hate the British government right now and blame it for everything bad that happening under the government. It is certainly true this government has some terrible ideas and there have done themselves no favours in the way they have delivered their messages. 

David Cameron is not a great leader as he portrays themselves as a leader of the middle class rather than the leader of a nation. And so it is easy to blame all their individual problems on him and his government, maybe as an excuse for not taking responsibility for our own circumstances.

I did horse riding every week when I was a child and I was taught that if you fall of a horse, the first thing you must do is get straight back on it and that is exactly what I did. This attitude has always stuck with me as I understand regardless of why something has happened, or who is to blame for it, you need to take responsibility and focus on the stop in hand. There are times to complain and times to just do.

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