Increasing aspirations

I was pleasantly surprised after my concerns about the opposition to the DLA Reforms to receive an email from someone about the government’s Office for Disability Issues asking be to contribute to a consultation on how to increase the aspirations of disabled people, called Fulling Potential, as well as sharing it with my readership, so here is the link.

I feel there is indeed an urgent need to increase the aspirations of many disabled people. I fear the government and others aim to move them just a few steps forward when we need a quantum leap forward. Asking disabled people to politely going out a bit more is not enough as this is what been happening for as long as I can remember.

We need to instil a sense of self belief and responsibility which breaks the cycle of emotional dependent and low self-fulfilling expectations that so often exists, which often has very little to do with a person’s actual abilities and difficulties. Myself and other active disabled people should no longer be considered ‘special’ because we have high aspirations!

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