Should swimming hats be compulsory?

I am been swimming hats since I started swimming competitively in my late 20s and I remember having to wear one at school when I was a child. I now never swim without one and I find them useful for a whole range of reasons like warmth, keeping my hair dry and being easily seen. I have also built up quite a collection and I am always amazed at the variety of designs available.

I have noticed there seems to be a rise in the number of public pools asking both sexes to wear swimming hats, mainly  for lessons. Hats can really help swimming teachers to identity who they are teaching and by using different colour hats, the ability of pupils. Schools like them because they stop pupils having to deal with wet hair as they go quickly to another lesson.

In mainly European countries and places like New York, swimming hats are already compulsory for everyone and therefore simply part of the kit needed. While hats may always be regarded as fashionable, especially with boys, are they the next step in good pool hygiene, especially with what people can put in their hair nowadays?

Trends in swimwear come and go and for me, I can foresee hats being compulsory and normal for public pool swimmers.