A responsibility to Work

I would like to argue that unless they can meet their financial obligations through their savings or other means, people who are working aged and claiming financial support from the government as a responsibility to seek employment in one way or another.

I have said before and I will say again, I feel that disabled people who have successfully graduated from university as disabled students, have a moral responsibility to work. With inclusion, improved access to buildings and services, a comprehensive social care system and the internet, disabled people have the greatest opportunities and ability to seek and gain work. To argue it is still impossible I feel is offensive to the achievements a previous generation of disabled activists fought for.

For me, I just know I would work before a left school in 1990 and this was indeed a very different era to where we are now. While I have never had a proper 9 to 5 job, I have worked hard doing paid and unpaid work for many organisations around the world. I have tried to help open doors so a further generation of disabled people do not have it as difficult as I did as I always understood I will never have the normal life I am fighting to others to have if they choose. That was 20 years ago and so I would had expected my younger peers to seek those opportunities and maybe they need now more than a little nudge.

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