Who have the right? (To represent)

In an era of social media where individuals have the greatest opportunity to represent themselves, I would question who now really now has the right to represent someone else or indeed a group of people?

So many organisations claim to represent disabled people in a  range of guises but they never define what that exactly means. Within disability, the most difficult question is what is exactly is disability? The second one is who is disabled? There is no definite answers and I very much doubt there will ever be one.

Even we assumed they was a clear group of disabled people, is it secondly right that they are considered a single group with the same viewpoints when in reality they are individuals with individual viewpoints. And secondly, at this time, it is really fair that organisations insist the disabled individuals can only have a political voice through them.

I believe the landscape of disability issues, which was once simple, has fractured into many small groups of consensus and social media allows everyone to find a centre of views they share. Therefore the only reason so-called user led organisations remain in for their own survival which is fine so long they acknowledge they are no longer capable of representing disabled or have the right to do so.

Over time, we will need to develop a new language that better explains the complex language of disability to enable smaller groups to better represent themselves.

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