Confidence or Arrogance

I am very aware that some people perceive my confidence to my arrogance and I think it is worth explaining how I define the terms.

I see confidence in a strong believe in yourself and the views you have without unnecessary influence from others. It is a willingness to stand me what you believe in even if it is very different from what others believe or to what can be seen or proven. It is not an unwillingness to listen to others and neither is it a fear about challenging the viewpoint of others. It is a willingness to grow and learn as someone who has accepted who they are.

I see arrogance as having a believe system that is shallow and based on fear, and on that basis there is a unwillingness and need not to listen to others and to simply dismiss their viewpoint as irrelevant. There is a fear to learn and grow as it may require confronts aspects of themselves which they fear. 

On these definitions it is clear I am confidence rather than arrogant and I am unwilling to accept people’s discomfort with what I have to say get in the way or accept when people say I am arrogant between they fear what I say. I also feel that because of my speech impairment and freakish appearance, some people expect me to have no opinions and therefore see me as arrogant because I say what I see.

I know I am what I am and that is all that matters.

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