The end of Television

It is becoming clear to me that we are seeing the end of television as we have known it since the 1930s. By this, I mean this is that we will see the end of fixed ‘linear’ channels who will broadcast specific programmes at specific times of end day.

I believe technological advantages and the increase of social media means that we will see ‘on demand’ service take a dominant position supported by event based live streams for sport, music and news events. The only channels we are likely to survive are 24 hour rolling news channels but within a fully multimedia package.

I already record everything I plan to watch and very rarely watch things at the time live, even if I starting watching a few minutes later when I am ready. The benefit is I can pause it when I need a comfort break or whatever. It also means some evenings I can record twice the amount of television I could physically watch.

And if that was not enough, now I can download a third and even forth programme from the on demand service, putting me in complete control of what I watch and how I watch it. And things have only started to change as the multimedia revolution continues to develop.