Rewarding Conformity?

I wonder in the same way society punishes success, whether it also rewards conformity, especially in terms social care and within the context of personalisation. So much is now talked about choice and control but is that what they really mean?

When a professional offers service user a so-called free choice in what they live, it is often with the unspoken belief they will make the right choice and one they can manage. It is like a restaurant asking people what they would to eat without providing them with a menu and then getting angry at them for not choosing something they are prepared to make.

Professionals, charities and indeed organisations who claim to represent disabled people often have a fixed and low expectation of what disabled people can contribution to society, and I feel often expect disabled people to conform to the second class existence society demands and the government pays for.

I have clearly never fitted well in conforming to how others expect me to behave and anyone who has foolishly provided me with a free choice has regretted it as I expect people to deliver what they promise as I expected to be treated with the same respect as a non-disabled person rather than the second class existence people try to plan for me.

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