Just ring the door bell

I find it amazing how many people, especially disabled people, will start a petition or go to the newspapers when they have a complaint or concern about an organisation or business, rather than and before directly approaching them in a civilised manner.

Right from a very early childhood I learnt that if you do not ask than you can not get. I took this very much to heart, and overcoming the idea I was cheeky, I have always took this idea far. I believe even if the request is not normal, if you do not ask politely, you do not give an opportunity to consider it.

I never actually complain any more and by this I never use an organisation’s complaints procedure before I find the procedures aim is to slow people down and manage disappointment rather than get anything down. What I do now is find the email address of the most senior manager responsible for what I am concerned about and politely make them aware of my concerns and what I would like done.

It is amazing what can be achieved with this approach and I now have many colleagues in many organisations which I can quickly, directly and effectively approach with any concerns I have. This is because I have learnt to just ring the doorbell!

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