Suicide is normal? (for disabled people)

I certainly hope not! I am unwilling to continue to accept that if  a disabled people wants to die, the reason is very clear, their condition. Even if their reason to seen as environment, it is usually assumed to be disability related and perfectly acceptable!

I have even heard it been said that the welfare reforms and mythical cuts will result in more disabled people killing themselves. While this may add to their stress, it is insulting to humanity to assume a person’s life can be measured in terms of what benefits they are entitled and demonstrates the prejudices towards disabled people. It is also worth noting that the stress caused relates more to the misleading information peddled by charities and organisations on the reforms, who wish to profit from winding up disabled people enough to blindly fight for their dependency as second class citizens, so who is at fault here?

The desire to commit suicide is a form of deep depression based on the fact people are very unhappy at their immediate situation and feel unable to see any way things will get better. It is a long term solution to a short term solution and this is no different if someone is disabled or not. People need support to see how their situation can improve and to see how they have and not what they are not.

No policy, no person, no idea or no belief is harmful enough in the cold light of day to need to commit suicide. Life is not always going to be easy but it is always worth living. Impairment and disability can be difficult but there are many other difficult things in life where suicide would certainly not by encouraged by society as it often is here.

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