How much money do we really need?

There is currently a lot of talk about poverty and almost a new report each day explaining one or another group of people will be worst off because on the government’s response to the recession, portraying it like it is the crime of the century.

I would argue that those who talk about poverty are often far removed from the situation and do this understand what a low income means in 2012. I believe they have an image of poverty from the pre-war and Victorian eras which no not reflected of the relevant comforts and choices people on benefits currently have.

I have lived on a low income much of my life and I have lived in areas where the majority of my neighbours on benefits. I believe much on the problem is not how much people have but the choices people make with the money they have. If people can afford cigarettes, alcohol, mobile phones and X-Boxes, can they really be considered pool?

And I feel in the future, materials will be less important as self-identity plays a better part in our happiness through social networks etc.  So how much money do we really need to be happy?

I think the arguments about the welfare reforms and people having to work for their benefits is really showing how with the united middle class government, the so-called poor are now simply pawns in the out of touch intellectual debate of the now ruling middle class as human rights is simply seen as after dinner conversation as the rest of us get on in the real world. 

I may be on a low income but I feel extremely rich.

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