Rain or Shine

I have always been determined to never let the weather stop me from doing anyway and with the electric wheelchair, I am more determined to do this and I am not frighten to go out rain or shine. 

If it rains, I am plenty of 1 piece and 2 piece waterproofs. If it is cold, I have plenty of coats. And if it is hot, I am in my element! If I was doing some kind of water sports, it does not matter if it is raining as I am already wearing a wetsuit!

When type of weather is very hard for me to go out in is heavy snow and ice. Clearly, there is a clearly risk if me slipping if I  walk and I can not walk very far these days. It is also be very unsafe to use an electric wheelchair as there would be no traction. A manual wheelchair would also be very hard for anyone to push and quiet unsafe. It is therefore a time where I need to be wise and stay home in the warmth.

This year I have been going out a lot and I do plan to go out a lot in the summer, where the weather is at its best.

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