Good to laugh

I believe comedy is important for a lot of reasons as it is good for us to laugh and also to laugh at ourselves. While many readers of this passionate blog may see me as very serious about everything, I am actually very good at laughing at myself and I do not take everyday life too seriously, especially when it portrays a real life sit com!

I feel the ability to make people laugh is the ultimate sense of intelligence and the biggest gift you can offer. And so on this basis, it is important disabled people are not out of this important facet of society. Disabled jokes are funny but only if they are told by disabled people as ownership is so important and it is extremely important political correctness is not used by remove disabled people from comedy.

The upcoming “I’m Spazticus” 5 part prank show on Channel 4, which I appeared in the pilot, has the ability to revolutionise how disabled people are portrayed and add a new dimension to the complex public debate occurring. I hope it will demonstrate there is a very side of disability and it should not a taboo to laugh with disabled people.

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