I Love my Wetsuit Boots

As regular readers may know, I love doing a wide range of watersports. Wetsuits are clearly an must and I have a large collection to suit the range of activities I like doing. Another must is wetsuit boots for a number of reasons. 

I can not walk on any sort of rough ground without acting like Fred Flinstone dancing as my limbs involumentry jerk in discomfort and I never had a old pair of trainers I could afford to get wet. So wetsuit boots have been a lifeline for me in being safe and comfort on beaches and other watersports situation and hence I love my pairs of boots.

And it is the little pieces of equipment like wetsuit boots which can make the biggest difference to the lives of people with impairments. What may be seen as a major barrier can often be very easy solved and it is often about being creative that removes barriers rather than throwing a lot of money at it.

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