What do people really think? (about disabled people)

I would like to suggest for some people the change in government in 2010 was a relieve about that could put their ‘New Labour’ politically correct phrase book away and start feeling relaxed to stay what they are think. Almost overnight disabled people went from being seen as valued contributors of society which needed discriminatory barriers removing, to being regarded as vulnerable poor unemployable second class citizens who needs to protection of charities and state against the big bad world, and this is from the friends of disabled people and not their enemies.

The debates about welfare reforms has really highlight how much work is still needed to change what people think about disabled people, including disabled people themselves. When the church and others talk about ‘people like me’ as the most vulnerable section of society then you do have to wonder if this is 1912 or even 1812. Until we have a radical change from welfare and social care or comprehensive care and support based on outcomes, many disabled people are doomed to accept their second class status and indeed appear to be fighting to keep it.

Hate Crime is not the problem and maybe hate crime could be seen as the success of inclusion as disability is less of a taboo subject. The real problem is how many people with impairments are abused with kindness that is linked to pity and embarrassment. Kindness is my biggest barrier to being soon as an equal to my peers.

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