Thank you for all the fish?

When I think about how anyone should be supported, I think of the old Oxfam advent which explained people did not want fish to be fed but fishing rods so they can catch their own fish to feed themselves. There is what I call enablement. People also need to be taught how to use the fishing rods and that is what  I call empowerment, where people are provided with control and responsibility for their destinies.

While this is so simple, this is not how either the welfare state nor the charity industry is designed. Rather than working with people, running along side them as they continue to develop themselves, the state and charities keep those who need support dependent on them to live life easier rather than richer. There has been little imagination nor any progress in the lives of many disabled people because it has not been in the interest who profit from simply providing a never ending supply of fish.

The way people are support can change as well as how organisations who provide support are developed, it simply takes a high degree of honestly and some creativity!

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