Wasting money in our name

I have prided myself on knowing about the many organisations that exist in relation to disability both voluntary and commercial, and there are tens of thousands of them, many claiming to do exactly the same thing in isolation from other organisations, and many have been doing the same old thing, not moving forward, for as long as I can remember.

The amount of waste of resources that exists must be huge. One example is the amount of research which is carried out by disability charities to arrive at the same old conclusion. Would it not be better putting that money into services that enables and empowers people rather the tells people what they always know as some form of publicity stunt?

The problem is the minute user led organisations begin to employ staff, the agenda of the organisation is moved away from the people they claim to represent and to simply keeping its staff in employment in some sort of politically correct loyalty. This means they will apply for project funding on any old nonsense regardless of how useful it may be. The latest ‘project money’ doing the rounds is researching Hate Crime, so those who invented it can gain support by collecting case studies their creation is now understood.

What I find most concerning is the money is wasted is the name of disabled people as organisations want us to believe they are doing us a favour for keeping themselves in business when average disabled people are not benefiting from this gravy train. If they want to profit from disability, no problem but be honest they are doing it for themselves. I only hope history will record this sad period of wasteful inaction correctly.

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