Organisational Slaves

I was somewhat amused when I read some user led charities was complaining how the Government’s work experience scheme is slavery, when they really need to look at their own practises. While user-led charities may claim to represent disabled people, the reality they treat them as the personal slaves on their paid staff, as they are forced to giveaway their expertise and experience for the benefits of councils and companies the so-called charity has been paid to support.

I am tired of the fact user led charities fight to keep disabled people unemployed so they are forced to help them as so-called volunteers. They are forced because many user-led charities have been paid to either deliver or play a key role in an essential disability related services and therefore if disabled people do not fill out the long and boring questionnaires or attend the many pointless consultation days, they fail to have any say in their own lives. Companies are often prevented from employing disabled people directly as paid experts because of political correct agreements they have with user-led charities to exploit their members for free.

This demonstrates to me that many disabled people are working but simply not getting the pay or recognition they deserve. The scam of user led charities needs to be make public, and they need to be supported to become proper profitable user-led businesses where all disabled people are paid for  the work they do for others and not just those at the top of the food chain.