Don’t be fooled (about the Government)

I would argue most people think what the government think and do in set in stone as proclamations made upon high no one can change. I have often been told that changing things in government is like trying to change the direction of an oil tanker, very hard instead.

But with this government, while they like to appear that they are in control and do not need to listen, the reality is they are listening and they have to. Beyond the huff and puff in the media, we are in an economic climate where it is going to be very hard to get anything right and therefore this government is needing to become a lot more dynamic in the way they operate.

I personally believe this means there will be plenty of tweaks of the welfare reforms and health reforms over time to take into account a fast changing environment. Like we now understand GPs are not gods, the government is not the big untouchable monster it once was. It would however help if people who wanted to make change rang the doorbell of government and stopped throwing stones at the windows, but that may be too easy for some people!