Am I really disabled?

Believe it or not, I am always questioning whether or not I am really disabled, and if so how disabled am I? Let me make it clear, I know I have cerebral palsy and other conditions and I am not in any way questioning whether they exist but I am questioning whether these condition disabled me in the social scene.

At a time when so many people less impaired than myself are being fighting for the right to be negative about their abilities, I want to challenge whether I must be negative about my abilities because it seems obvious to others about what I can not do. I think many people think I am drawing a line between those worthy of being considered disabled, and those mocking it but I am in reality questioning whether anyone has to be disabled in the time of opportunities.

It is important to understand my positive attitude is not a denial of the barriers and discrimination myself and many other face but I want to take control of my environment and work with it and those responsibility for me to immediately improved things for myself and others, rather than using my environment as an excuse not to do.

I should also must it clear I do not try to be a role model for ‘triumph over tragedy’ as I try to struggle the impossible to prove a point. I am not going to kill myself trying to run a marathon or climb a mountain to say how positive I am. I work hard because that is who I am and what I enjoy. I work to improve my environment to help myself first, and then others. I still have no idea if I am really disabled because the whole concept is in a total mess.

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