Providing Evidence of Change

There are so many user-led and other disability charities out there which is been around a very long time beating the same drum they were beating 5, 10 and 20 years ago, demanding the government and the public pay them money with little accountability for their actions. But in this era of outcome based funding, this must change.

Organisations should now provide comprehensive evidence of what changes, hopefully positive ones, to the lives of individuals. How much people now believe they live independently? How many people have been supported in work? And so on. If you have portrayed the same disabled people as victims of society for 20 years and been paid to make a difference, then clearly your organisation has failed.

Disability charities are as reckless with social investment as bankers are with financial investment, and both destroy lives. The only difference is that the public are yet to understand the failure of charities and this is made worse by the fact the Big Society scam will make them top dog and fat cats for the next generation of waste.

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